Corporate Culture

Company’s vision:Shanghai huanqiu spares no effort to make itself sound quality, best service, prestigious professional vessel manufacture. Our aggressive goal is serving society and helping establish saving and harmonious society. We do our best to obtain more benefits with business participants for relative industry and meet continual enhanced requirements from customers by means of innovative and advanced technology.

Core value:
        1、our business is trust
        2、a very safe and reliable choice
        3、win-win is our business characteristic
        4、scientific management and person first is our fundament
        5、we believe successful things due to attitude and details

Company’s mission:
We are establishing more safety, health, comfortable, saving, more innovative and productivity’s harmonious manufacture circumstance.
We make no effort to make biggest quantities meanwhile treat friendly environment, we insist on person first and scientific management.
In every work day everyone makes upmost to furnish the sound quality, short leadtime value and technology.
We provide the high value product and innovation technology to our customers in the endeavor.
Our many patent products enhance the advantage of competition for ourselves and customers. Making the customers in the center of work, ensure the high efficiency communication between customers and us and achieve the best performance.
Under the guideline of developing the harmonious society, as the high-tech. manufacture in the industry, we are enthusiastic to make joint effort to establish the harmonious society.
We believe our high technical, high valuable and high energy efficiency products and solution schemes can meet the customers’ requirements.
Our success found on the profound understanding for the market and customer, our investment found on the prospective customer requirements and help them success.  

Integrity and Compliance Program 
huanqiu's Integrity and Compliance program reflects our vision and values. It helps our employees, representatives, contractors, consultants and suppliers worldwide comply with a high standard of business conduct. huanqiu employees are proud of their company's strong reputation for ethical conduct; this program helps protect that reputation.
At the core of the Integrity and Compliance program is huanqiu's CODE OF BUSINESS CONDUCT. All agents, consultants, contractors, representatives, suppliers, and employees of huanqiu are ultimately responsible for conducting themselves in an ethical manner in compliance with applicable laws. Our Code provides guidelines to ensure that we are successful in this endeavor.