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The Air Conditioner Market in the First Half Year: The Professional Channel Marketing is Still the Main Method

Date:2013-9-5 16:18:23

The historical development of glass steel cooling tower for more than 40 years in our country, industrial circulating water appeared at the beginning of glass steel cooling tower. Now the country has hundreds of glass steel cooling tower factory, become an important pillar of industrial circulating water, water saving. Statistics show that, at present, are running home tens of thousands of glass steel cooling tower has been facing energy-saving low carbon requirements, the ongoing technological progress of tower crane's own many enterprises, development of energy-saving type cooling tower, cooling tower is reduced, to carry out the design of the water water lift device Taneibu etc.. Glass steel dome for natural ventilation cooling tower end outlet, the height of 3 ~ 5 meters, diameter of 5~10 meters, belongs to the large special-shaped structure. Guiding cover adopt glass steel material, light weight and high strength, convenient installation, corrosion resistance, good diversion effect, domestic cooling tower outlet flow guide hood is now all of the same colour of glass steel. At present our country wastewater, sewage emissions at a speed of 18 tonnes of annual increase, the statistics show, by the end of 2011, the sewage discharge China has more than 640 tons. As the water treatment industry is a huge demand for water glass steel products, the domestic glass steel pipeline equipment enterprise product upgrades, basically meet the domestic demand. Large diameter GRP sand pipe in the nearly 10 years of construction of our country city groundwater network through made great contribution. Diameter of 1 meters above the water supply and drainage pipe, highlighting the GRP sand pipe in the price performance advantages, has gradually replaced the concrete pipe, ductile iron pipe and steel pipe trend. In recent years, the domestic large glass steel pipes to already formed an industry group, water supply and drainage pipe has entered into the overseas market. Current, industrial water use increased, wastewater, wastewater by conventional water treatment methods can not meet the modern city water, industrial water and water purification requirements abroad by reverse osmosis membrane separation technology is represent the general trend. Through these water purification after the deep treatment, has been able to achieve clean water standards. Glass steel pressure vessel of reverse osmosis water treatment, is the key equipment of high performance water treatment technology developed in recent years abroad membrane water treatment technology is introduced into China. This device is based on the ASME standard is USA, pressure resistance, fatigue resistance of epoxy glass steel pressure vessel. At present, the reverse osmosis water treatment device has six assembly areas in the country: Jiangsu South of Jiangsu area, Hebei area of Hengshui, Guangdong Dongguan Shenzhen area, Beijing area, Shanghai area and Harbin area. Glass steel cooling tower is divided into the following several parts: steel skeleton; the shell of glass steel; cooling tower motor / reducer; the fan of the cooling tower; cooling tower packing; cooling tower water distribution system; cooling tower water collector. Parts quality has passed, such as the steel skeleton: materials have good and bad, good choice of your choice on the cheap, poor. The same is the angle of 3 and 4, the price is different, even the same type of steel and material thickness of points, make the product quality is different; the shell of glass steel: the same resin, use different prices in different. The shell of glass with different thickness of steel quality is different, different prices. The glass steel shell thickness of thin thickness of cheap, expensive. Once some cooling tower assembly at the transport process of cooling tower motor collapse down, reason in the glass steel cooling tower motor can not bear the weight of the shell, glass steel do thin, the strengthening of the place without strengthening.

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