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Water Chilling Unit Market: The Market Share of Five American Brands Reduces Continuously

Date:2013-9-5 16:26:03

As one of the most widely used product of public buildings, water chiller has been unprecedented attention of construction industry. Quality is "the heart", not only determines whether the normal operation of the air conditioning system, but also directly related to the final building energy performance and economic benefit. Sustained development, the urbanization of our country large-scale construction projects ongoing projects, urban complex blossom everywhere, all sorts of reason to boost with equipment manufacturers of the chiller market enthusiasm. While in the air conditioning industry, has long been regarded as the core of the chiller battlefield technology competition, manufacturers between hard power display and for the right words. After 20 years of development, the market is already not Carrier, Trane, York, Mike Weil and Don Han Bush five America brand dominance of the world. Statistical data shows, although the brand at present still with 45% the proportion of market occupied a certain advantage, but it is difficult to avoid the "not too obvious, but the persistent decline in". Obviously, domestic enterprises in recent years to the brand has brought great pressure. Clear enterprise stand this pressure rhythm while slow but forceful, easily reminiscent of years ago China's domestic air conditioning market -- there, Chinese and foreign brands have warlords fighting, each leading the trend, but eventually is almost GREE and other domestic giants dominate. Central air conditioning chiller market particularly whether will make the future, intriguing has different opinions. American brands reacted calmly, the most senior managers do not pessimistic. A more general view is that the chiller with household air conditioner is quite different, the former has the technical level is more difficult to reach, a hundred years of history accumulated will play a role. In their view, the domestic enterprises are currently to encroach on the project in the "basic level", the majority of government projects and high-end areas is still the United States brand firmly controlled, this pattern will continue in a very long period of time, ensure the existing share no longer shrinking. Trane China area president Huang Bairong said, in addition to government and high-end commercial projects, they are committed to dig deep in the professional field and the establishment of advantages, such as in the electronics industry has cultivated a large number of top companies including Lenovo customer, "this industry needs the working environment highly stable, so the high quality requirements of the chiller, only Trane a few enterprises can do". However, this view is difficult to obtain the domestic enterprise identity. Responsible person told the author related GREE electrical appliances market department, although its overall share of central air conditioning now accounts for only one, but when the leadership put forward new growth target, development of the central air-conditioning business especially the chiller has become the choice of "breakthrough will have the confidence to grab more market". Haier's move is also worth pondering. Since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Haier for a long time in the squeezed state. Until last year to force, magnetic levitation cold water unit acts as the vanguard. Haier invested considerable human and financial resources, put up a pageantry propaganda in the industry both inside and outside the high-profile, remarkable ambition. Besides high hopes for the expert voice of the market, our academic field of many experts have domestic enterprises with great expectations. "Barbarians technology" is their winning for the latter: prescription. Director of the Architectural Society of China HVAC branch secretary Xu Wei said, although including technology, market and manpower reserve gap allow all doubt, but by way of cooperation learning and learning, many weaknesses and to solve the bottleneck in its development. At present, in addition to do "tracking run", domestic enterprises more realistic problem urgently to be solved is how to gradually achieve market recognition, the present situation that change the construction field of domestic brands do not understand, do not trust, and create more model projects to win the owners on the quality and the price of recognition. Recently in the industry hot integrated refrigeration station of Beijing satellite manufacturing factory deputy director Zong Wenbo said, often encounter construction especially for large projects designated procurement American five big brand, the latter for the domestic brands still have doubts in the product quality and stability etc.. "To break the vicious circle, of course must oneself hard up." He said the biggest challenge is shaping the reputation include GREE, Haier and other brands. "Domestic enterprises to go beyond the need of innovation, but the pathways exist threshold and obstacles, we should be in the mechanism, in terms of reforms for innovation to create more conditions, try." Beijing Architectural Design Institute consultants chief engineer Wu Desheng insisted that the domestic enterprises has the opportunity to catch up and overtake, but the process is lengthy. He emphasizes at the same time, some foreign products although advanced, but can adapt to the Chinese market to see the "incubator" result, "pure superstition foreign products good is wrong". And in the face of some people and the media clamour to strengthen protection for the domestic brands, a former Beijing Olympic National Stadium HVAC professional person in charge of the Wanda Commercial Planning and Research Institute Vice Chief Engineer fan long hope calmly, not overcorrect, make domestic and international brand competition in the market fully wash, "in a sense, emphasis on national brand is tantamount to protect the backward".

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