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The Market Needs of Semi-enclosed Helical-lobe Compressor Increase

Date:2013-9-5 16:22:46

There are many types of compressor used in commercial refrigeration field, mainly full closed piston compressor, semi hermetic compressors, scroll compressor, screw compressor, etc.. The number of full closed piston compressor, the most, followed by semi closed piston and scroll compressor sales are similar, the least number of screw compressor. According to statistics, the next few years, China's commercial compressor industry annual growth rate at around 11%, large-scale, centralized become prominent features, so a relatively small number of semi hermetic screw machine has become one of the biggest point. 1, cold chain logistics force significantly in recent years, China's economy entered a stable development track. Many industry experts, adjust the transformation has become the inevitable trend, and the demand structure adjustment is a long-term policy. Demand structure includes the domestic and overseas demand structure, structure of consumption and investment demand. China's economic growth is mainly composed of investment, consumption, export trade driven interaction, people called "drive mode three carriages". In the "three carriages", most stable, long-term, the pulling power of the most sustainable is the consumption of domestic residents. The residents' consumption including eat, wear, live, row, integrated view of "eat" has become one of the main factors driving consumption. However, compared with the developed countries, on the food side, China's cold chain logistics hardware transport equipment and serious shortage of infrastructure, and the original facilities obsolescence, uneven distribution of temperature, unable to provide security for the cold chain transport the food circulation. To establish and perfect cold chain infrastructure needs are becoming unprecedented, especially the "agricultural products cold chain logistics development planning" the promulgation, which defined the development direction and the determination of the next few years, countries in food safety, cold chain logistics aspects of the specification further improve, vigorously support the policy; at the same time, along with the process of urbanization, the continuous improvement of living standard, the market demand for cold storage, whether small, medium or large cold storage, are in steady growth. The country introduced the logistics development planning of agricultural products cold chain, the rapid rise of food cold chain industry triggered a new round of investment of cold chain equipment demand. Among them, the cold storage is a key link in the food cold chain. A number of plant person in charge told reporters expected, refrigeration industry there are at least five years of good days. 2, the project of large-scale catering to the development of our country nowadays, cold storage building showing several notable features: one is the increase in the number of; two is to scale, including single scale more and more big; three is toward the deft prefabricate assembly, management and outbound goods handling automation, flexible, high efficiency and safety, environmental protection and energy saving the direction of development. This trend is just to use semi hermetic screw compressor. It is understood, is the biggest advantage of screw compressor refrigerating capacity, suitable for cold storage. The vulnerability of small, long maintenance cycle, high volume efficiency, exhaust temperature is low, do not hit the sensitive liquid and cooling capacity can be achieved stepless regulation, which makes the screw refrigeration compressor is more and more appreciated by the user; at the same time it is also widely used in the realization of artificial refrigeration occasions in various departments of the national economy, such as oil, chemical, light industry, medicine and other industrial products production, scientific research and low temperature test, food, aquatic products processing, cold storage and public places and other large building air conditioning. 3, ammonia machine alteration show himself some time ago, the main building in Jilin Bao Yuan Feng company accident, causing heavy casualties and property losses, aroused much shocked and caused severe turbulence cold chain and warehousing industry. A preliminary investigation indicated that because part of electrical short circuit, ignition of combustible substance, high temperature combustion caused by physical explosion ammonia plant and ammonia pipeline. This is enough to once again sounded the alarm on the refrigeration practitioners, so from the beginning of 6 to the end of 9, the government to the State Council for all industry area, the name of the organization in field of national enterprises to carry out safety inspections and strengthen the whole process supervision, through comprehensive coverage to practically eliminate hidden dangers. Many of the refrigerant, ammonia is a distinctive characteristics of refrigerant, large refrigeration system in the world's most widely used, the same is true in china. With the expansion of the original city, suburbs into city, built in the ammonia system and equipment surrounding the one can not meet the demand of the market, two is not suitable for local development, influenced by some ammonia system of cold storage engineering accident and business, user management, human, technology coupled with the rise of the old type ammonia machine, cold storage transformation, screw compressor display one's skill to the full.

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