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The Air Conditioner Market in the First Half Year: The Professional Channel Marketing is Still the Main Method

Date:2013-9-5 16:21:58

At the end of 2013 7, Naka Yiyasu released "classification of household appliance market China monthly retail monitoring report -- air conditioning" (hereinafter referred to as the "report") display, by the end of 6 this year, retail sales of general merchandise market, supermarket, home appliance specializes in three major professional channels accounted for 16.15%, 20.89%, 30.61%, occupying a total sales amount of 65.65%. Among them, Haier, Gree, beauty in the professional market sales channels still occupy the top three, sales ratio reached 56.22%. And the related report from the National Information Center is also the analysis thinks, from the analysis of the current characteristics of the domestic focus of the city's overall market, market leading professional chain enterprises in the next few years will still be maintained. As the data in Xinyikang long-term focus on the study of China consumer goods retail market, the release of the "classification of household appliance market Chinese monthly retail monitoring report" play a reference opinions for the study of marketing channel of home appliances manufacturing enterprises. The reporter learns, Yue Kang this "report" released as fitness years, therefore predicted by the industry as the first half of the domestic air conditioner retail market summary and the second half of the market trend. The author learns, the scope of the study for the country more than 390 large and medium-sized city, covering a large retail shopping malls, supermarkets, stores, shopping center constitute the terminal monitoring network. Among them, according to the "air conditioner retail market share in volume change trends report" released, Haier air-conditioning continued to rank in the Beijing, Lanzhou, Kunming, Shenyang, Dalian, Shijiazhuang city retail sales ranked first, show the lead in the professional channel. Especially in the first three months, retail sales and retail sales year-on-year increase of Haier conditioning respectively reach 2.82% and 2.18%, leading the first camp year-on-year growth rate. This, industry analysts think, Haier since last year in channel integration to do a lot of work, so that this year the air-conditioning market made great growth. The author in the interview to understand, at present channel diversification characteristics of air-conditioning business is becoming more and more obvious, including traditional chain, regional chains, stores, community stores, online shopping mall. Suitable for different markets, these channels are in the play to their respective advantages. In one or two grade market as an example, the channel advantage together with the online mall sales chain line is obvious, household appliances enterprises have in accelerating the pace of cooperation with the business channel. But at present the business booming air-conditioning industry channel caused by the change also prompted enterprises have to accelerate the strategic transformation, a new road for online and offline channels and common development. In three or four levels of markets, regional chain stores and other channels and is still the main channel sales, which were in line with the current three or four grade market consumer buying habits. At the same time, the state information center also thinks, the development of electronic commerce makes the major air conditioning companies have stepped up line channel input, but compared with the developed countries in Europe, the current China online channel development is only equivalent to the level of 3 years ago. The industry is expected, in the next 3 years, the mainstream position of professional channels will continue to occupy the air conditioner retail share.

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