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Analysis on the Best Energy-saving Solutions of Central Air Conditioner

Date:2014-2-8 16:17:31

Refrigeration Express News: in the current world "energy shortage" wake-up call all the time in knocked awake, energy problem has become the primary issues of most concern to all countries in the world. At the same time, is also the Chinese government and the majority of the scientific research department research workers in most of the attention of a ring. The energy consumption of air conditioning engineering accounted for the total energy consumption of buildings is relatively large, air-conditioning engineering design, energy saving has become an urgent task in the operation of HVAC and building professional design engineers and the operation management personnel. The problems of energy saving refrigeration system, which means in the specified parameters: such as chillers chilled water inlet and outlet water temperature, cooling water inlet and water temperature, indoor and outdoor temperature etc.. Under these conditions, the refrigerating capacity per production of 1KW energy consumption should be minimal. According to the index of energy saving at present: the power consumption per production 1KW refrigerating capacity shall not be more than 0.213KW, to control the engineering water system of central air conditioning system design for the above energy consumption index. However, refrigeration system of air conditioning is only considered in design condition, that is, energy consumption indicators running at full load conditions is not enough, should also consider energy-efficient air-conditioning refrigeration systems operate under partial load. Load is divided into thermal load and moisture load, thermal load and moisture load is decided to air conditioning system component, air conditioner capacity and so on. At the same time, heat and moisture load size and architectural layout and maintenance of thermal performance of the structure has the very big relations. Usually the air conditioning heat and moisture load by envelope into indoor heat, solar radiation to heat, the heat loss of human body, lighting and other equipment heat radiation, the human body moisture quantity, materials and food moisture amount had. In the design of cooling water system of central air conditioner of factors, comprehensive and design condition all conform to the situation is less. Air conditioning refrigeration big market statistics, air conditioning and refrigeration system running at full load conditions accounts for only 20 ~ 30%, 70% ~ 80% of the time in the part load operation. According to air conditioning and refrigeration big market experts, centrifugal chiller efficiency, in addition to considering the efficiency of the centrifugal compressor itself, but also with the condenser and evaporator heat transfer efficiency of the relevant. So it should be in the efficiency of centrifugal water chiller judgment when judging the comprehensive efficiency of centrifugal compressor and condenser and evaporator. This is for centrifugal chillers operate under partial load is how to save energy and create the conditions from various manufacturers, operating characteristic curve of centrifugal chiller, the discovery of various series of chiller characteristic curve is basically the same, the difference is very small. Energy saving and environmental protection of water system of central air conditioning system, at the same time, flexible arrangement, independent regulation is good, comfortable degree is very high, need to be able to meet the complex Fangxing disperser use, each room independent operation. At present, the central air conditioning water system model is the choice of many family heating. The best way of energy conservation of central air conditioning water system, not only to consider the energy consumption index operation at full load, special attention should be paid to the problems of energy saving in part load operation. Can make the chiller brings significant energy-saving effect in part load operation of variable flow chilled water system, cooling water of air conditioning and refrigeration system. Single loop variable flow chilled water system is better than one or two times the loop variable flow system.

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