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A Promising Market of Domestic Centrifugal Fan Industry

Date:2013-7-22 16:35:27

Centrifugal fan is a type of fluid machinery, its application field is very extensive: factories, mines, vehicles, computer car washer, buildings etc.. With the increasing shortage of energy in our country, energy saving and emission reduction has been widely used. Many in the industry have stand by watching others battle of domestic wind turbine industry development attitude, Zhangjiagang City Dongnae ark special fan factory said, in fact, from the domestic situation, the development space of domestic fans still very optimistic, and not as some people think of those not, from the national development perspective, the use of quantity of fan in the unceasing increase, which means that the fan is very popular, especially the use of centrifugal fan is rising, of course, said fan facing the development of the situation is very serious is based, nonetheless, but in the face of fan industry opportunities and challenges how you treat. Modern wind machine mostly adopts the three dimensional flow theory, the theory of the continuous deepening of the fan impeller design and overall design plays a very important role. It not only can be used to design of the impeller, but also to the development of design of vaned diffuser static elements, unit efficiency can be further improved, then by using noise protection technology, but also improve the operating environment etc.. The development direction of foreign centrifugal fan for large capacity, high pressure, compact structure, low energy consumption, low noise, high efficiency, good plasticity, exhaust gas purification ability; generally use skid mounted without foundation, a full cover of low noise design, greatly saves the installation, foundation and debugging cost; the continuous development of new valve variable working conditions under the operation, so that significantly improve valve life; in product design, application of centrifugal fan thermodynamics, kinetics calculation software and its working process simulation software, improve the calculation accuracy, through a comprehensive simulation model to predict the actual working condition of the performance parameters of the machine, in order to improve the success rate of new product development, so that the electrical integration has been enhanced. Compared with the foreign high technology fan, obviously we exist many shortcomings. Centrifugal fan in design theory, design methods are backward, product development and many are using the method of imitation and analogy, a serious lack of theoretical and experimental study of the data, the processing equipment and technology level is relatively backward, the machining precision is low, the production efficiency is low, the product series and general level is not high, specifications and varieties less, pump efficiency, quality and reliability, sealing performance, corrosion resistance, and very large gap. Although this is our shortcomings, but also we can overcome the problem, as long as the problem is solved, the centrifugal fan and towards domestic international technology stride.

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