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Market Condition of Central Air-conditioning in East China in the First Half of 2013

Date:2013-9-5 16:20:36

Jiangsu market analysis according to the statistical data, the first half of 2013, Jiangsu province completed a total of 1655700000000 yuan of investment in fixed assets. Among them, the North Jiangsu, Su, South of Jiangsu three area completed investment amount is 403190000000 yuan respectively, 329240000000 yuan, 923270000000 yuan, a year-on-year growth of 22.9%, 21.1% and 18.8% respectively, the growth rate differences between the three big area gradually reduce. It is precisely because the market in Northern Jiangsu and the Soviet Union in the pull, which makes the first half of 2013, the Jiangsu market to maintain stable growth, year-on-year growth of nearly 10%. And this, through South of Jiangsu, the Soviet Union, North Jiangsu electricity features also can be confirmed. The first 6 months, South of Jiangsu, Middle Jiangsu and Northern Jiangsu electricity consumption grew 3.05%, 3.78%, 7.76%, "structural electricity growth characteristics of fast, stable, the Soviet Union in the northern Jiangsu South of Jiangsu slow" continue. Can be seen in the analysis of product structure, the control policy of national investment and drag the real economy, chillers in the first half of 2013 decline. On the contrary, many online Jiangsu market as the maximum weight of products still stride forward singing militant songs, year-on-year growth rate be way ahead of other products. To this, the personage inside course of study most believe that, this is the rapid outbreak of small multi residential facilities and retail demand based on the result of the combined unit. Data shows, 2013 first half of the year, Jiangsu Province real estate development investment completed 338640000000 yuan, grow 16.7%. Among them, the residential real estate growth more quickly. With 1-5 month as an example, Jiangsu commercial housing sales area of 40510000 square meters, an increase of 50.4, residential sales area grew 54.9%. And this is the unit in the first half of the year also remained the biggest reason nearly 15% growth. A continuous scale of unit machine market growth, but also pay more attention to the. Jiangsu overall economy developed, the township market consumption ability, the relevant enterprises are also great efforts to open up channels, extending channel depth of the unit, the future market will also appear the downward movement of the focus of. Although the first half of the actual market performance and not let a person feel disappointed, but the economic environment of uncertainty but make the most of the industry in the second half of the market position of caution, that the first half of 2013 growth is to benefit from the market for pre project precipitation. The new project will reduce will make the second half of the year will be even more cruel, especially for the chiller market. Go it will make the market competition intensifies. Analysis of the data shows that Zhejiang market, 1695400000000 during the first half of 2013 Zhejiang Province GDP yuan, growth of 8.3% over the same period last year. At the same time, in the first half of the year, the province's investment in fixed assets 923400000000 yuan, grow 22% compared to the same period last year. The steady growth of Zhejiang province's economic development, also has laid the foundation for the first half of 2013 the Zhejiang market trend. At present, as the center of Hangzhou with Ningbo as the center, become the basic framework of the establishment of regional market management. Development of multi regional market is increasingly shaped similar to the Jiangsu market, even the enterprise has started third yuan market in Taizhou or Wenzhou as the center of the frame. As a big economic province, imbalance of Zhejiang province each regional economic development, steady growth also provides space for the Zhejiang market. This point in the first half of 2013's performance is also very obvious. At the same time, according to public data display, in 2013 the first half of Zhejiang province's real estate development investment 275200000000 yuan, grow 17.8%. Commercial housing sales area and sales growth of 56.2% and 70.1% respectively. Only during the first. Only during the first 5 months, the province's housing sales of 207000000000 yuan, grow 95%. Residential, office buildings, commercial business space investment, respectively reached 1356, 129 and 25600000000 yuan, respectively, growth of 16.7%, 14.6% and 23.2%. Sales area growth were 89.2%, 9.6%, 23.9%. The strong momentum of the real estate industry is also a much-needed shot in the arm for the Zhejiang market, Zhejiang market fundamental reason is to realize about 15% growth in first half of. Of course, the credit crisis mitigation also makes were improved in the level of funding status in the market, many investment projects are delayed or delivery in the first half of the year transformation to market growth is the driving force. In the product structure of development, it is thanks to the real estate market strong pull, multiple on-line especially small-sized VRF and unit and become the two major categories of products outstanding for the first half of the performance, the growth rate reached 28% and 18% respectively, far ahead of other categories of products. The chiller performance is weak a lot, almost across the board decline, resulting in a decline in the end product, decline in almost 10%, which is largely a regional market in Hangzhou as the center of the high maturity, affects the construction of deletion of large projects, while in Ningbo area water chiller market performance is obvious relatively strong, the difference which is also a characteristic of most enterprises in Zhejiang Province, two market performance. Most of the people in the industry have expressed cautious, think after the real economy suffered serious impact, the first half of 2013 the market has such performance has some exceeding one's expectations, but the second half of the year with the change of economic environment, the number of investment projects will not optimistic, at the same time, the pressure must funds will directly affect the final sales, so the first half of the year in 2013 the Zhejiang market is full of uncertainties. Shanghai market analysis in 2013 1-6 month, Shanghai's GDP growth of 7.7%. The three major investment fields, city infrastructure investment growth 6.2%; industrial investment fell 2.1%; real estate development investment growth 21.7%. Three industrial investment in the primary industry and the second industry completed a total investment of all small glide, third industry investment growth 16.7%. Shanghai City macroeconomic operation results of semi annual show, real estate investment

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