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Promising Market of Low Temperature Heat Pump in 2013

Date:2013-9-5 16:19:37

We all know that the 2012 winter very cold weather, make the heating market is not limited in the north, a multimedia have said, 2013 south also to heating, central heating can also, but we think that the central heating is not possible, household heating is the trend of the next. This requires us to have a better heat pump heating products, has the very strong team, and operation mechanism of the corresponding, to adapt to the whole heating market demand. If this massive market, heat pump heating can also eat down, we can foresee how big this market space. Air can be the biggest advantage is energy-saving heating heat pump, heat pump heating per square metre per day power consumption is only 0.28 degrees, cost only 0.14 yuan, a year-on-year air-conditioning heating per square metre per day to save nearly 60%; compared with wall mounted gas boiler, 100 square meters of residential, to ensure the normal day indoor temperature is over 20 DEG C, takes 15 square meters gas, calculated according to 2 yuan / square meters, a day costs about 30 yuan, and the air source heat pump heating costs less than 20 yuan, is very energy-saving; compared with the boiler heating costs 6.5 yuan / square meters, more than 90% energy saving air energy heat pump heating, the more obvious advantages. Air source heat pump as a new energy products, both heating and cooling water multiple advantages, become the industry many enterprises focus on the development of the star industry in recent years. Its application in the field of energy consumption for the water heater, electric water heater, gas water heater 1/4 1/3, solar water heater two points. Air energy heat pump has the advantages and characteristics, provides great advantages for the market here in heating.

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